Terms and Conditions
Terms And Conditions
Access & Services

Your access to data, services, resources, and benefits is free. We offer you information filtered by your uests, needs, and circumstances as provided.

Consumer Benefit

With your free access to search, the senior market by your profile gets you first-hand knowledge, qualified professionals, and executives with authority to advise and act on your behalf.

Keep Your Senior Team Lists, free initial consultations, Cash Vouchers, Gift Cards, and a private secured Dashboard to manage it all.

Terms & Conditions

Users are uired to respect the data and to act in good faith when searching for services and products. Also to provide status updates, and maintain your progress from emails sent and notifications in Dashboard.

Fees & Payment

There is no fees for your use and access to tools and data to form Your Senior Team to support your needs as a senior.

Club & System Rules

Trust and honesty can be expected from the Members of Your Senior Team and all activity is expected to abide by the rules and ethics of business and consumer rights.

We believe that everyone should treat seniors as if they were your mother or father.

Privacy & Security

Your information, activity, interactions, and communications are viewed only by you, the relevant party to any transaction you initiate, and to whom it is intended.